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In recent years, the idea of Ardman's new film has been more satisfying than actual films. The famous cartoon house that Peter Gabriel's world famous video for "Heavy Hammer" and perfect Wallace and Gromit Short Nick Park Oscar-winning, mainly presented, struggled to achieve the transition to features. Recent articles like Arthur Christmas, Pirates! A band of Misfits and Shawn Sheep Movie had their appeal, but the strategic simplicity of these films also made them feel a little light. Each of them will be dynamite in 25 minutes.

With Park Park's early man and shot his first feature film since 2005 the Bunny Curse was - and the first non-Wallace and Gromit movie since Chicken Run 2000 - and it is an intelligent, unexpected emotional comedy with lots of silly laughs and sometimes a piece of business. But fair or not, it is difficult not to compare these prehistoric laughs with the wonderful Barman (and Park) past. Still wit, sweetness, and handmade charms, but the ability to wow is less in evidence.

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The motionless movie takes us to the dig (expressed by Eddie Redmain), a friendly caveman who thinks his tribe, by Bobnar's head (expressed by Timothy Spall) led, is no longer adapting to hunting rabbits and instead the biggest game you must look for.

early man

But in a peaceful way, if the meager existence of the invading army of the Bronze Age, which was thrown out of their homes in the valley and ruled them to live in the lands of the fallow and rugged. As a way to return to the valley, the Progressing Lord of the Bloody Nooth (expressed by Tom Headleston) has made the bronze army a bargain: if his tribe Nooths is able to win the top athletes in the game of football, he can stay in the valley. If they lose, dig and his friends have to work in the terrifying mines.

The running chicken, organized by the garden with Ardman co-founder Peter the Lord, has succeeded in part because it has refined the cleverly defeated jailbreak escape film. An early man goes through some species - the position must show the film as a combination of wrestler and dodgeball - but it is primarily a sports underdog film that suggests our beloved loser against a superior team, and the entire film builds up to the final of the final,

Early garden packages of a man with masks and slabstick, gueruning pan. (A lot of caveman dugs are not very bright, and this fact is not a misfortune for a comedy comedy.) It is a nice, relaxed film lacking an excessive hypnosis of Hollywood cartoons or a simple experience of Pixar. But the dependence on the anchor orbits and the limits of an early man.

Park leads the film through and through certain narrative conventions - cliché editing montage training is a cynical, familiar sports film characters are riggert - and everything familiar is pleasant. But there is also a blanket, how funny or touching this is.

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Part of the problem is that screenwriters Mark Burton and James Higginson (who work on a story by Burton and Park) do not fill the screen with many animated characters. Digging is a beautiful, ordinary man, but it is a bit too unknown to be too invested. For her leg do not know much about football - although his predecessors, as shown in the funny introduction, to invent a game I need a tutorial that as a gifted bronze resident named Goona (expressed by Macy Williams) comes who is not allowed to play for her city because she is a woman .

Goona is a bit more interesting than digging - as Nooth and Hognob friends silence, wild wildness - but because Park centers the story around him, the risks did not rise very high. Instead the man leaves early an interesting series of jokes and some vague ideas about the importance of friendship and belief in yourself and everywhere is Ace Ardman in a hole.

His heroes stop the movement sweet and silly with their big eyes and serious teeth. Many animated films are based on attracting their characters, but the early man (like all Ardman films) may just make you laugh through the fragile, fragile embarrassments of the faces of these people.

Ardman has some British-friendly - not only because the studio is located in Bristol, but because his films often have a humorous comic humility that is sent across by the lack of animation animation stops.

This is the consolation that must be accepted when seeing Ehrly Mann, who does not replace the delicious memories of a close razor or a running chicken or rabbit that feels fresher and more alive than what is seen on screen ,

Unlike Leica, who works tirelessly on animated films, Ardman can sometimes allow the care she produces to outdo her stories. The world would be much poorer without an Ardman (or Leica), but advocating a former man would be much more pleasing if he climbs higher altitudes. The next golden age of the studio could be just around the corner.

My feelings about the "early man" can be summarized better than ever before. I'm sorry that this totally silly thing about Nick Park and Ardman Animation was not like that when I was seven or eight, or when my kids wore Wallace and Grommet videos someone gave them for Christmas.

Nobody can beat those kind of movies that have managed to be new and so exciting that some of their jokes are too old - how old are they? So old that the last time I heard them, my dinosaur fell, I laughed.

In prehistoric times, as Mr. Park and the scriptwriter (Mark Burton and James Higginson) report, cavemen and giant lizards share the planet for some time. Soon after, the descendants of the cavemen themselves - a gang of very unglamous hunters in the Green Valley near Manchester, England - co-existed with a more aggressive and arrogant race of humans who ruled the minerals, built the stadium and gave sports commentary. "The age of the stone is over." The Bronze Age is here, and they declare that they pay the stone fare in the wasteland.

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It would be extremely critical if this film was mistakenly reproduced from the past. Do you have traces of mammoth in ancient times on the green and pleasant country of England? Does the fossil record contain a 727 postcard? You may also ask if there is no wild tar drill in Scotland. As the Bunny Bugs will tell you, there is no Priya Tar in Scotland.

If only the animated name Nick Park does not bring a proactive smile to your face, a few minutes of completely amusing "early man" will do the trick.

Known as the creative force behind cheese-loving comedy duo Wallace and Gromit, the park director has won four Oscars for the Academy Awards, including the best feature of The Bunny's Curse. "The early man," Romp goes through prehistoric times, filtered through the fantasy park behind the show, marks the first time directing a solo feature.

It's a project that's been running since 2010, it's not so unusually slow park, it's that motion animation is a particularly labor-intensive process. For example, Costar Tom Hiddleston spent 16 months in the film roguish expression, Park said that creating a minute footage is considered really accelerated.

That long gestation period, however, allows for polishing the material and making sure the jokes are right, and "Early Man," written by Mark Burton and James Higginson from a story by Burton and Park, covers the waterfront with its mixture of silly and sophisticated, puns and slapstick and everything in between.

He makes use of that, as Park Wallace and Gromit did, by the director of the film director, his instinct, but without the influence of why he would not laugh and laugh again.

While Wells O'Brien recounts the original story King Kong - the story of "primitive man" benefits more in crazy prehistoric mixing, starting from a series of opening titles to read "Million BC", "Earth", "Close to Manchester ".

Movie Mode makes jokes own website, like chasing another character's character, "You do not eat your primordial soup," but also allows the act to gently hand you on contemporary lessons about the value of justice, integration, and collaboration.

"Early Man" begins with an introduction to show how the first people to use the Round Rock, who started from the meteorites that put the dinosaurs to work, began to play a "nice game" football (football for us), immortalized the images of the cave and then forgot, bit by bit all this.

Then we meet the Caveman Drilling (which is radically expressed by Oscar winner Eddie Redmain) whose best friend is a decent pig named Honop (the amusing hell that Park himself expresses).

The happy clan lives in the Happy Valley and follows the hare, but has ambitions to pursue the bigger game. He says the aged boss (magnificently expressed by Timothy Spall) that eagerness to get everyone wake up very early, the bright eye hole collapse "but the early man." Yeah, that kind of movies.

The dog could go on forever, but suddenly they had an ominous reaction to the future. They were attacked by warriors who look like metal from Mad Max refugees. "The age of the stone is over," they said. "Long live bronze."

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Making this announcement is the irony of Mr. Noth, the ruler of the city's Bronze Age in the region, which is played by Hidleston as Vubi, hungry Romanian state capital function with the tone of the eccentric really.

Financial programs Noth reported the organization of football include games on the "sacred turf" of the huge amphitheater in the city, where its real Brunzio rotten, the world's best-known and unknown, take on all comers.

One thing leads Comicale to another, and soon a team called the Brutus mocking, digging and challenging Real Bronzeo into a game to determine the ownership of Happy Valley.

As vulnerable as they may be, the prostitutes prove beneficial. They recruit Gona ("The Game of Thrones", "Macy Williams"), a football fan who is being held as a saintly girl and remind them that Real Brunzio "can be great, but they are not a team.

The fun of the "early man" is not only due to the main action, but also to the edges, like the silly bird's message (Rob Bredon), which records the answers directly to the horrified Queen Oviva (veteran Mariam Margolis).

Or a personal reaction when it comes to the latest invention of the Bronze Age, sliced bread. "Wow," Gentious Enthusiasts. "That's the best since ... well, always!"

If you have a weakness for these kinds of things, you'll be reluctant to leave your place when the "early man" ends, and at the end of the credits you'll be rewarded with two little dinosaurs, the Ray and Harry as a belated playful homage to Harriusen Be called Ray. Great stop-motion.

There is no doubt that Harrison will be amused, and if you want to smile, you probably will too.